3 Strings :: Reel #1 :: People from 3 Strings on Vimeo.


Los escaladores y montañistas Cory Richards y Keith Ladzinski, ademas del fotógrafo y productor audiovisual Andy Mann conforman “3 strings productions” y nos entregan este primer “Reel” donde resumen su trabajo con un particular enfoque “dedicamos esta colección a las personas. Personas apasionadas por la vida, que hacen lo que sea necesario en la búsqueda de la experiencia, sin consideraciones de distancia o arduo trabajo, se toman los desastres con calma, no conocen el significado de imposible y poseen un insasiable deseo de aventura y vida”.

Disfruten de estas bellas imágenes.


3 Strings Productions is proud to release its first reel. We dedicate this collection to people. People who are passionate about life, do whatever it takes in the pursuit of the experience, who don’t consider distance and hard work an obstacle, take disaster in stride, do not understand the meaning of impossible, and have an insatiable desire for adventure and life. We understand, and are thankful for each and every trip we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy with them and all of the support we’ve had to make these moments possible. So sit back, crank up your speakers, have a laugh on us, and enjoy. Edit: Keith Ladzinski Song: Dead Man's Bones - My Body's A Zombie For You 3 Strings Keith Ladzinski / Andy Mann / Cory Richards 3stringsproductions.com


Iceland -Ice Climbing Aerial Reel from Chad Copeland on Vimeo.

Dawn Glanc y Tim Emmett aparecen insignificantes ante la majestuosidad del escenario de los fiordos de Islandia desde la perspectiva de una Helicam.

Autor: Christian Moscoso A.


Shooting aerials of two of the worlds foremost Ice & Mixed Ice Climbing Athletes in the West Fjords, Iceland. At times, the aircraft was tilted at 60+ degrees with full power just to stay in one place due to high winds blowing in variable directions. The Radian stabilized gimbal did an amazing job although some shake was inevitable. Overall, a great mission for this Cinestar 8 that I built in less than 3 days! Climbers: Dawn Glanc, Tim Emmett Ground based photographer: Keith Ladzinski Aerial photographer & aircraft pilot: Chad Copeland


Documental sobre los Pueblos Originarios de Tierra del Fuego Selk’nam – onas


Las Patagonia, y Tierra del Fuego , la isla compartido, HD by Marlon Moreno.


Forgotten Lines from 3 Strings on Vimeo.

Directed and Filmed by Keith Ladzinski Professional climber and base jumper Steph Davis re-discovers an old and difficult Steve Hong route in Mineral Canyon, UT and also see's the potential to base jump off of the top of the route. "Part of what makes a climb appealing to me is its personality, its beauty and its story. This long Steve Hong route out in the remote zone of Mineral Canyon is a quintessential desert crack climb, forgotten, and with a little something for everyone." - Steph Davis


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